10 Essential D&D Terms Everyone Should Know

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a universe teeming with dragons, magic, and, yes, a specific lingo. To the uninitiated, some terms might seem like arcane spells themselves. Fear not, for here’s a quick guide to help you decipher the common jargon used around the gaming table:

1. PC (Player Character):

This is the character controlled by the player, representing them in the game world. PCs interact with each other, NPCs, and the environment based on the game’s narrative.

2. NPC (Non-Player Character):

Characters in the game world that are not controlled by the players but by the Dungeon Master. They can be allies, enemies, or neutral parties.

3. DM (Dungeon Master):

The individual who narrates the story, controls NPCs, and acts as the referee of the game. They guide players through the adventure and determine outcomes based on rules and dice rolls.

4. Crit:

Short for “critical hit.” It’s when a player rolls the highest possible result on an attack roll, often resulting in extra damage.

5. Fumble:

The opposite of a crit. It’s when a player rolls the lowest possible result, often leading to a miss or a mishap.

6. HP (Hit Points):

A numerical representation of a character’s health. When it drops to zero, the character is unconscious or, in some cases, dead.

7. AC (Armor Class):

A measure of how hard it is to hit and damage a character. The higher the AC, the more challenging it is for attackers to land a successful hit.

8. XP (Experience Points):

Points earned by players for overcoming challenges, defeating monsters, or completing quests. Accumulate enough XP, and your character can level up, gaining new abilities and powers.

9. Save or Saving Throw:

A roll made to resist or avoid a specific outcome, like being poisoned or falling into a trap. For instance, if a dragon breathes fire at you, you might make a “Dexterity saving throw” to dodge out of the way.

10. Campaign:

An extended storyline or series of adventures. Think of it like a season of a TV show, with multiple episodes (sessions) building up to a climactic conclusion.

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